1 Million Vacuum Metalized Reflectors Delivered by The Protool Plastics Group

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1 Million Vacuum Metalized Reflectors Delivered by The Protool Plastics Group

Fareham & Manchester based injection moulding company The Protool Plastics Group specialises in polymer injection moulded and vacuum metalised reflectors for the lighting industry

April 2019 marks a major milestone for The Protool Plastics Group with the delivery of the 1 millionth injection moulded polymer vacuum metalised reflector.

The Protool Plastics Group is at the forefront of supply to the UK and EU lighting industries, a fact that was demonstrated at the recent Lux Live Awards in London where three award nominated products are injection moulded in Manchester and Fareham.

Group Managing Director Michael Hadfield, stated “Since delivering our first reflector in 2014 we have undertaken significant research and development to perfect not only specular finishes but also our trademarked PRO-REFLECT satin finish which has become popular with lighting OEM’s across Europe.”

All reflectors use dense virgin polycarbonates ensuring zero light loss from the rear of the fitting with internal reject mouldings, sprues and gating systems reground into our ‘circular economy’ recycled polycarbonate polymer range.

Polymers can be supplied in any colour and when vacuum metalised with 99.95% pure aluminium give a reflectivity in excess of 92%.

Top coat lacquers are applied to stop oxidation and the colour and hardness can be tailored to bespoke applications.

Michael Hadfield further commented “Following extensive trials we launched our first reflectors with integrated front trims in 2016 and this has seen a massive customer take up, with over 80% of supplied parts of this design. Not only does it give a visually enhanced product it also offers a significant cost saving on multiple part assembly designs. It allows for intricate multiple reflector parts to be made with seamless front trims, such as the retro appearance metal formed louvres that have become so popular in the past 24 months.”

The Protool Plastics Group has increased Reflector capacity pending new projects from lighting OEM’s across Europe.

The Protool Plastics Group (Fareham & Manchester) are ready to take your injection moulding enquiries now.

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