Industrial Safety

Safety Critical Injection Moulding

When dimensional accuracy is critical we are the number one choice for an injection moulding partner. For 30 years we have been trusted to supply breathing masks, head cradles, valves, valves bodies, filter housings and firefighter equipment by one of the World's leading safety OEM's. This experience ensures we can deliver the most demanding product to specification, every time.

  • 30 years continuous supply of highly toleranced plastic parts to one of the World's largest manufacturers of breathing apparatus.
  • Face Masks with PP endoskeletons overmoulded with TPE, complex sub assemblies with valves & seals fitted post mould, dimensional critical valves stems and housing & high volume consumable filter housings.
  • Specialised processes and control for Injection Moulding High Accuracy Parts.
  • Continuous production monitoring ensures that all parts supplied meet customer specifications.
  • 15 minute to hourly dimensional checks with data fed into our Statistical Procees Control software.
  • Constant monitoring of tool die temperature ensuring repeatability of process.
  • Krauss Maffei Adaptive Process Control measuring material viscosity for industry leading component to component repeatability.
  • Component weight analysis during production runs.
  • A full certificate of conformance supplied with each delivery.
  • Competence of moulding the following engineering polymers. PA66, PA GF, PBT, PPS, PP, PC, TPE, PEEK, Liquid Crystal Polymers.

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