Thermal Management

Polymer Heatsink Injection Moulding

Initially developed for our lighting customers we have expanded our thermal management polymers into electronics, telecommunications and defence. All power sources generate heat and how it is controlled is critical to the operational hours of the product. Polymers are highly adaptable to intricate designs and as such lend themselves to 21st Century design geometry.

  • Product design and thermal analysis service.
  • Significant cost savings over aluminium.
  • 35% lighter than aluminium for product weight savings.
  • Can be painted without reducing thermal transmission.
  • Intricate and complex shapes can be produced without the need for post mould operations.
  • Moulding can be machined, drilled & tapped.
  • To save on assembly time self tapping screws can be used direct into moulded pilot holes.
  • Electrically conductive and electrically insulative polymers available.
  • Thermal conductivity range from 2 Wm/K to 20Wm/K.
  • Various base materials including PA, PC, TPE & PP.
  • UL94 HB to V0 options available.

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