Tooling quality is one of the most important aspects of production injection moulding. The Protool Plastics Group look for the best quality tooling to comply with the commercial expectations of our customers.

Rapid Cut Tooling

  • Ideally suited for low volume production or where parts are required in very short timescales.
  • Parts can be moulded in as few as 3 days from order.
  • Parts can be produced in production specification material.
  • Relatively easy and cost effective.
  • Modifications can be easily introduced.
  • Invaluable data can be accumulated for production tooling.
  • Tools can be used to bridge into production.
  • Low component costs compared to RIM.

UK Manufactured Production Tooling

  • Pre-toughened and fully hardened steel tooling for medium to high volume projects.
  • Tools up to 4 tonnes.
  • Cavity form cutting up to 2 metres in length.
  • Projects are run using single point project management, utillising techniques perfected on major automotive projects.
  • The latest HSM technology combined with a wealth of experience from the mould-making industry, enables Protool to achieve cost levels and time frames to match any geographical region.

Chinese Manufactured Production Tooling

  • The Protool Group are able to offer design and manufacture of production tooling projects utillising suppliers from low cost economic regions.
  • UK based Project Managers to ensure that all of your requirements in the UK are met.
  • Permanent Mandarin speaking staff on the ground in China 365 days per year, ensuring project success.
  • Final tool tuning in the UK.
  • Tool guarantee backed up by UK based company with full toolroom facilities.

Tool Validation

  • Expertise in many disciplines of product and process validation including automotive (APQP/PPAP) and medical (installation, operational and process qualification).
  • production validation carried out on production intent machines.
  • Well equipped and thorough calibration of all instruments to UKAS standards ensures confidence in results.
  • Experience of working with a range of moulded materials, including PP, PE, PVC, TPE, PA, PBT, PC, PMMA, ABS

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