Environmental Policy

The Protool Plastics Group prides itself on the responsible manner in which in conducts its business in relation to preventing any adverse environmental effects. We understand the necessity to implement an environmental policy and the consequences faced by ignoring these fundamental requirements. The measures we have taken include the following:

All employees are encouraged to keep waste to an absolute minimum – this includes waste of consumable materials, heat, water, polymers, packaging and power. Both Fareham and Manchester sites have been 100% refitted with energy efficient LED lighting.

Wherever possible packaging for goods is to be re-used rather than discarded. Returnable packaging solutions are used on several high volume orders significantly reducing waste.Our Manchester facility now delivers 75% of all product in returnable packaging solutions.

All processed polymer waste, cardboard and polythene wrapping are recycled by qualified specialist companies.

Waste oil / chemicals are disposed of in a responsible manner. An outside contractor is used to remove and recycle waste oil. Under no circumstances are any chemicals / solvents disposed of into the drainage / sewerage systems.

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