Polymer Recycling & The Circular Economy

The Protool Plastics Group has invested heavily in recycling equipment to produce high quality recycled polycarbonate for the lighting and electronics sectors with a ‘Circular Economy’ approach.
The benefits of the Circular Economy approach are numerous and include, waste reduction, greater resource productivity reducing the need for virgin feedstock and reducing the environmental impact of our product consumption.


Our regrind and reprocessed grade of white polycarbonate is a mix of several industry standard colours, RAL9003, RAL9010 and RAL9016 and is all from 850 glow wire stock.
As the colour is mixed this is intended for non visible parts as there can be batch to batch variance.
Aimed at the lighting and electronics industry this material has been formulated to allow OEM's to embrace the growing trend of recycled plastics without reducing performance.


Our PP regrind is available in both natural and black.
With a focus on quality feedstock we have managed to offer a very repeatable solution to customers for both interior and exterior products.
This range of materials has been so successful that we are processing in excess of 10 tonnes of PP per week making us the ideal choice for your recycled PP product.

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