Product Designers – Plastic Material Choice For Long Term Cost Savings

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October 22, 2013
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Product Designers – Plastic Material Choice For Long Term Cost Savings

Once a concept designer has completed their work the designs are normally passed onto mechanical designers for industrialisation.

At this stage most have an idea of what materials they want to use for each component part either from experience or from material manufacturers advice.

However before deciding an exact grade please ask these questions as failure to do so can have a massive impact on the future product costs.

Is the product low volume? If so you may find that the material minimum order quantity will last for several years, meaning a massive up front investment and long-term stock holding.
If the product is high volume does it have a slow initial ramp up. If so will the material manufacturer support this accordingly or you are left with the same problem above, although on a temporary basis.
Does your moulding partner have material suggestions. They may currently buy a grade in bulk which will give you an instant cost saving.
Can I specify two material grades. Ideally from different manufacturers. This will keep product supply constant even if there is an issue with one supplier. It also helps in price negotiations.
Keep your material choice as standard as possible. The more exotic the material, the less people use it, the less UK stock there is, the higher the price.
Material manufacturers have some fantastic products on the market, but remember that a lot of these have a minimum order of 1.25 tonnes!

At Protool Plastic Components we work very closely with our customers to find the right material and at the right price.

Get us involved at the start of a project and we will save you money!

Please contact Michael Hadfield 07540 723587

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