• Thermally Conductive Polymers The Protool Plastics Group have pioneered the use of thermally conductive polymers in the UK. We offer a full design and thermal analysis on heatsinks ensuring that all technical specifications are met. Read More

  • Safety Critical Moulding Where moulding tolerences are a matter of life or death our Statistical Process Control systems ensure 100% quality. That is why Protool Plastics has been the moulder of choice with World renowned OEM's for over 25 years. Read More

  • Quality Cost Delivery Management Quality, Cost, Delivery, Management. The most important actions at The Protool Plastics Group. With strict business monitoring via monthly KPI's 100% quality is assured. Read More

  • Quality Control By using the latest SPC techniques and software we ensure parts in specification at all times. Daily, Weekly & Monthly KPI's and 5S audits drive continuous improvement throughout the factory. Read More

  • Light Diffusion & Reflection With the development of our PRO-REFLECT & PRO-DIFFUSE materials The Protool Plastics Group continue to expand into the European Lighting sector. Satin and full specular finish reflectors are now supplied into the Worlds biggest lighting OEM's. Read More

  • White Room Assembly Area Our onsite white room ensures cleanliness for all post moulding operations. Printing, inserting, welding & assembly need to be right every time. Our light and spacious white room allows our operators to focus on the job in hand. Read More

Welcome to ProTool Plastic Components We are a Fareham and Manchester based plastic moulding company.

“We aim for open, long-term, successful, mutually profitable partnerships with our customers, based on mutual trust and cooperation!” – Michael Hadfield – Sales Director