Our Mission is to be the preferred supplier of injection moulded to customers of choice.
Strategic Goals
Shareholder Value
Autonomous Business
Critical Success Factors
Market Leading
Innovation Technology
Customer Satisfaction
Data Driven Risk Based Thinking
Continuous Improvement
Market Diversity
Core Values

The Advanced Team

Every member of the Advanced Plastics team is empowered and trained to perform the functions for which they are responsible; each and every one plays a vital role in the success of the business and is encouraged to develop their skills through a programme of structured vocational and academic training.

The Directors

The Directors play a hands-on role in the day to day running of the business, they are from engineering backgrounds with extensive knowledge of the plastics industry and our customer’s respective market sectors.

The Management Team

All of our Managers are experts within their own fields, each working to clear targets and objectives which are intrinsically linked to creating total customer satisfaction from a safe, efficient and continuously improving environment whilst developing the people within their respective teams to achieve their full potential.



95% Domestic Sales
5% Export Sales
45% HVAC
49% Automotive (on and off highway)
6% Other Markets
Secured Sales
£7.4 Million Capital Investment during last 5 years


30 New / Replacement Injection Moulding Machines
36 New 6 Axis Robots
Collaborative Robotics
Raw Material Silos and Central Feed
Energy Efficient Cooling System
Ceracon Liquid Gasket Application
Laser Scanning Measurement
3D CAD Upgrade & Moldflow
Matics Production Monitoring

Planned Capital Investment

Provide Infrastructure to support growth plan
Embrace Industry 4.0
Adopt new technologies
Increase Automation to mitigate increasing wage costs
Increase process control, precision and Efficiency
Reduce environmental impact
Optimise reliability reducing supply risk
Optimise the working environment
World Class image to attract new customers

Forging Links with Strategic Partners