Protool Plastics Group Invests in Krauss Maffei Adaptive Process Control (APC) for Precision TPE moulding

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Protool Plastics Group Invests in Krauss Maffei Adaptive Process Control (APC) for Precision TPE moulding

Protool (Manchester) now equipped with specialist injection moulding machinery for complex TPE moulding.

The Protool Plastics Group, is excited to announce the successful integration of a new Krauss Maffei injection moulding machine with Adaptive Process Control into the Manchester site.

The 80 tonne machine was procured to produce a complex Breathing Mask for a major worldwide OEM and the increased control of the APC system is significantly improving quality and driving down rejects.

New Krauss Maffei machine arrives at Protool (Manchester)

“The Mask, which is TPE overmoulded onto a PP Endoskeleton, incorporates multiple undercut seal forms which are difficult to fill and control shot to shot” said Group Managing Director, Michael Hadfield “But with the APC system which measures and corrects process changes during injection, it ensures an accurate shot weight and we can accurately fill the thinnest sections with great repeatability. This has reduced rejects from over 8% to less than 1%.”

Precision PP/TPE overmoulding at Protool (Manchester)

Krauss Maffei’s Area Sales Manager Michael Craig commented “The CX machine series (ranging from 350 kN to 4,200 kN) guarantees precision, reliability and long-term consistency. In connection with our patented APC+ technology, which recognises process fluctuations and independently adopts counteractive measures, production processes are significantly more stable and efficient. The results demonstrate the benefits of integrating APC to increase quality and reduce material costs for The Protool Plastics Group.”

Protool (Manchester) is now ready to look at other potential TPE mouldings and over-moulding projects and is open for project discussions.

This process is not limited to TPE & TPU and will ensure high accuracy on all polymers, so if you need high accuracy parts with excellent repeatability Protool (Manchester) should be your first choice.

Fully assembled mask from Protool (Manchester)



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