Funding for Reshoring Injection Moulding from China to Protool Plastics Group

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September 23, 2014
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January 22, 2015
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Funding for Reshoring Injection Moulding from China to Protool Plastics Group

“RESHORING” it is the manufacturing buzz word of 2014 and what better than someone helping fund the transfer!

The Protool Plastics Group can often help with funding to move production back to our Fareham and Manchester sites.

Great news indeed but it is worth while digging deeper and understanding why buyers across the UK are reshoring.

Price – UK companies can be cheaper when the true cost of manufacture is analysed.
Cashflow – With UK stock, in transit production and current production companies can have released up to 3 times the cash compared to local supply. Remember CASH IS KING and critical to all businesses.
Missed Sales Opportunites – Fluctuation of product demand means you have to stock high quantities or miss sales when demand peeks.
Lead Times – No 6 week sea journeys or expensive air freight costs when urgent parts are required.
Low Minimum Order Quantities – For improved cashflow, warehousing space, flexibility of production.
Just In Time Production – Keeping you stock and cashflow in check.
Intellectual Property – Protect your IP with production companies bound by UK & EU law. Non Disclosure agreements that are worth the paper they are written on.
Technical Ability – Technical teams with serious hands on experience delivering technically challenging projects on time and budget.
Communication – Rather obvious but very important.
Quality Control – Fully audited manufacturing facility to BS9001-2008
Local Supply – Nothing can top quality local supply at the right price.

At The Protool Plastics Group we have worked with several OEM’s who fealt trapped in China due to price.

Working closely together we have found alternative materials, packaging savings, reject rate reduction etc.. to allow the projects to be once again Made in Britain.

British manufacturing at its best!

Please contact Michael Hadfield for more details.

07540 723587

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